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Recent Projects and Photos by Leading Pressure Washing

Patio Washing done in Earlville Thumbnail
Patio Washing done in Earlville

Lovely Patio Cleaning Pressure Washing done out in Earlville. We also cleaned the roof and removed the mold buildups on uprights and eves. Surface Cleaned the patio itself and came up like brand new. Customer was very happy with work done and asked us to come […]

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Roof Washing done in Redlynch Thumbnail
Roof Washing done in Redlynch

Our job today was out in the Redlynch Valley and we had to complete a full house washing using our soft washing strategy and whilst there we also did a Driveway Pressure Clean and cleaned all 48 solar panels on the property too. Job came up […]

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Building Wash & Eves Clean in Mareeba Thumbnail
Building Wash & Eves Clean in Mareeba

We were asked to attend to a property in Mareeba to clean the external walls and also the eves of the property. There was extensive organic growth on all walls and the eves. The property was scheduled to be rendered and repainted so we took everything […]

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Roof Washing in Edmonton Thumbnail
Roof Washing in Edmonton

We were asked to complete some Roof Washing & Gutter Cleaning for a client in Edmonton. Roof was quite bad with organic growth and gutters were very dirty also with a lot of mold build up there too. We completed a Soft Washing job on this […]

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Solar Panel Clean in Clifton Beach Thumbnail
Solar Panel Clean in Clifton Beach

Our job today was to complete a clean on 8 solar panels in Clifton Beach for our customer. This Residential Solar Panel Cleaning job was a tougher one as it had quite a lot of build up and is set on 2 story roof. Nevertheless job […]

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Graffiti Removal in Westcourt Thumbnail
Graffiti Removal in Westcourt

We were asked to complete a job for Graffiti Removal. We headed out to Westcourt in Cairns and the graffiti removal did take a little while as we were dealing with different types of paints and markers etc. Overall the job did come up well and […]

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Tiled Roof Wash in Redlynch  Thumbnail
Tiled Roof Wash in Redlynch

Recently we completed a tiled roof cleaning in Redlynch for our customer. Terracotta roof was in a bad way and we softwashed the roof over a couple of treatments and it came up really nicely. See images. We've been asked to return in April to complete […]

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Driveway Washing in Whitfield Thumbnail
Driveway Washing in Whitfield

Recently we had a Driveway Washing and/or Driveway Pressure Washing job out in Whitfield. Customer had just moved out and wanted to leave the place nice for the next tenant. Driveway had a fair bit of organics built up on it, so we took our surface […]

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Another Pool Area Pressure Clean job done in Kuranda Thumbnail
Another Pool Area Pressure Clean job done in Kuranda

Our customer Marina asked us to complete a pool area pressure cleaning job up in Kuranda. She also asked us to pressure clean the retaining wall surrounding the pool as this was very dirty and also had organic build up on it too. We used our […]

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Gutter Cleaning job in Kewarra Beach Thumbnail
Gutter Cleaning job in Kewarra Beach

We recently completed a Gutter Cleaning job for a customer out at Kewarra Beach. House and shed needed full clean up from lead debris. House wasn't as bad as the shed as the shed did have a few trees that drop all their leaves onto the […]

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Roof Washing in Smithfield Thumbnail
Roof Washing in Smithfield

Customer requested us to do a roof cleaning out in Smithfield. The roof was in fair condition however it did have mold building up. Customer wanted us to get on top of the situation before it got out of hand. Roof came up quite nicely and […]

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Trinity Beach Roof Washing Thumbnail
Trinity Beach Roof Washing

We recently headed out to Trinity Beach to complete some Roof Cleaning! The customer had quite a bad build up of mold and organics growing on the roof. We were able to come in and treat it with out solution and rinse off for a very […]

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Power Pad Clean Up in Cairns Thumbnail
Power Pad Clean Up in Cairns

Recently we were called out to a power pad clean up in Cairns. For this one we used pressure to clean the pad itself and then some of the metal panels on the electrical box. A tonne of organic buildup. Pretty sure this one has never been […]

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Warehouse Washing in Cairns Thumbnail
Warehouse Washing in Cairns

Client engaged us to clean the exterior walls of a warehouse in Cairns. This Building Washing job had the usual build up of organic matter and also some oxidisation in some parts. We were able to go in and soft wash the building and get it […]

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Amazing Wall Clean in Trinity Beach Thumbnail
Amazing Wall Clean in Trinity Beach

Customer engaged us to come out to her Trinity Beach property to assist with cleaning some House Washing. The garden walls had large build up of organic growth as well as some very large Lichen that needed to come off before the paint work was damaged. We […]

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